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Shipping, Returns and Customer Service


Deluxury Fine Accessories has an exclusive arrangement with to warehouse and ship all of our products - also known as Amazon FBA. We have partnered with because they are the global leaders in warehousing and distribution.  In short, Amazon manages our inventory.

We know how to design and source only the best products for our clientele and Amazon knows how to provide them as efficiently as possible - that is why the partnership works so well.

When you order products from us, our inventory is located throughout the Amazon distribution system so they can reach you as quickly, safely, and as cheaply as possible.  Additionally, all our transactions and return services are handled by Amazon so you are provided the best in service and security.

We partner with the best because our clientele deserves it.

To access's Customer Service and Help center, click here: Amazon Customer Service.


If you need to contact Deluxury Fine Accessories for any reasons not related to product shipments/returns, please click here: Deluxury Fine Accessories.